Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Calm before the storm

The talent calculators on the official site have been updated once again. There are lots of interesting tidbits that have come down the line for many classes. Unfortunately there is still absolutely nothing out there for monks. No new skills, no talent teasers, nothing. Dead silence. I think this makes it even more suspenseful. Although terribly disappointing at the same time as I'd really like to see at least *something* of note.

Aily, Qeynos Monk (the original Aily)

There's lots and lots of things I can't wait to try out for the monk. All 3 specs. Especially tanking and DPS. What makes me so interested in the monk class is because I used to be one back in the day playing Everquest. It was my first character of any mmo and is still by far my favorite. Monks in Everquest were quite fun. When I started there were hardly any skills in the game. You had your gear and you had auto-attack as a monk with some special kicks and punches and feign death. That's really it. You ran up to stuff and hit it in the face and if it got too close you faked your own death. Monk feign death in Everquest was pretty awesome. It was attatched to a skill that you had to work on to keep capped every time you leveled, so that was the only drawback. It could fail, and fail horribly. It did have a cooldown but this cooldown started when you hit FD, not when you got back up from it like hunters in WoW have now. Another interesting feature in EQ was if you died and gave permission to someone, they could move your body (see, you respawned at your bind point with no gear and negative xp if you died in EQ) to a safer place. I remember one time I was in an area with 2 friends we shouldn't have been in and well, they died, and I FD'd being the upstanding monk that I was. Using the old trick of the FD hop, I made a macro and dragged both their bodies back to the start of the cavern for them to safely recover them. I also remember how monk was the puller for groups and how if our group was no doubt going to die, I would take aggro of everything I could, avoidance tank it, and let everyone else run out until the very last second I could FD and save the lives of everyone.

The old Everqeust interface >.<

In the end, I really can't wait and the silence is deafening in this case. I want to bash stuff in with fists and maces and also to parry and dodge incoming attacks with speed and grace. While I doubt WoW monks will have FD, I can only dream of doing the same exact things I used to do in Everquest, but in WoW instead.

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