Sunday, August 26, 2012

World Wide Renown for Glory and Riches

That right there, is how long until midnight Pacific on Tuesday the 25th of September. As this counts down to full blown Mists detonation there are some things we have to be ready for. Of course leveling the Monk to 90 is priority number 1. Then Scenarios and Dungeons. One of the things we'll be looking to do though, is buy Justice/Valor Gear to help along the way.
The thing about Valor Gear this time around though? It's all tied to reputations. Even the Justice Gear is tied to the same reputations. Not all the Pandaria reputations are required for gear so it helps trim it down a bit:
  • The August Celestials
  • Shado-Pan
  • The Klaxxi
  • Golden Lotus
Just 4 of the total 9 reputations that will become available. I was trying to think of the best way to list these but I think I'll go with spec, and then the items with a note from what faction they are. Since we are intended to not use Str gear, I'll just list Brewmaster/Windwalker together. I'll begin with the Justice Gear:

Monk Justice Gear - Honored Reputation Required
Mistweaver Valor Gear
Monk Valor Gear - Revered Reputation Required


Along with the Justice and Valor Gear that is available, The Klaxxi also have ilvl 450 weapons available at Exalted currently (except the mace which says Revered so we'll see what happens when it ships).
Of course, there are other awesome things from reputations including stuff like Replica Shado-Pan Helmet for transmog purposes. Lots of mounts and of course all the high detailed Tabards that go with the Reps.


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    1. Not much really, twitter, though not a large following there either.