Monday, February 3, 2014

My Nagrand Round Trip

Since I've mad this trip so very, very many times I've come up with this method of doing the quests through Nagrand as efficiently as I can. It's a great zone and I love to be here. This doesn't go through quite every quest in the zone but definitely most of them. I skip anything that takes me in and out of the zone, as well as the silly Nesingwary crap. Anyway, this latest time through with another monk I decided I should document my trip through the zone.
The most important step of heading through Nagrand is to of course make sure you do the quests at Orebore Harborage out in Zangarmarsh. There's just a handful of quests (two or three) to do here. The goal here of course is to just hit neutral with the Kurenai. You can choose to finish the quests here, but it's not necessary to this guide.

Once you've hit Neutral there in Zangarmarsh you'll get the breadcrumb quest A message to Telaar, sending you into Nagrand. So head out to Telaar and pick up everything there! You can just drop the Nesingwary one, or save it for later.

To start this long journey I begin with Do My Eyes Deceive Me. It's just a quick short quest to kill a couple ogres to the east for the drop. Turn that one in and grab the next one Not On My Watch. It'll send you back to the same location to fight with, and then talk to Lump. Before heading back though, I head north just over the hill and grab I Must Have Them from Wazat. The Dust Howlers around the hill here will drop the Air Elemental Gas. To note here is that there are Dust Howlers encircling this hill, not just where the quest tracker displays on the map. So pick those up, and while out looking for the Dust Howlers I make sure to kill a couple of the Wild Elekks along the way. You don't need to hit 3 of them now, but as you go through the zone make note to kill them and pick up 3 Pairs of Ivory Tusks for later. If you don't get one now, keep an eye out for air elementals through the zone to pick up a Howling Wind to get that quest as well. You don't need it right this minute, but it's a bonus quest later. After getting all that I turn in the Air Elemental Gas and do the next quest Bring Me the Egg and turn that in before heading back to Telaar to turn in the quest for yelling at Lump.

You'll get a quest real quick to talk to Mo'mar the Breaker who sends you to The Ruins of Burning Blade. While you're there see Corki (ugh!) and do his quest Help! I do these two, turn them in and then head to turn in The Throne of the Elements. In a quick series of quests here I do The Tortured Earth and turn that in, then do A Rare Bean and Eating Damnation together, followed by Agitated Spirits of Skysong which gives Blessing of Incineratus to do and turn in.

Whew that's a quick succession of quests, but it's far from over. The next set takes place in the cleft and cave north of Halaa. Before heading in though, fly over the road just north of the cave and find yourself the trio of Murkblood Invaders to grab a Murkblood Invasion Plan. After that I head right to the back of the cave, killing anything in my path for The Twin Clefts of Nagrand to get to Corki's Gone Missing Again (of course he did). After those two, just a bit to the south in the water around Halaa are the mobs for Muck Diving. After finishing those I head back to turn in at the Throne of the Elements, but on the way, out of the west gate of Garadar you can pick up The Consortium Needs You for later. Then head back to Telaar and turn in the rest of what's completed as well as the quest there for 10 Obsidian Warbeads you are very likely to have. (Only the first turn in gives XP though.)

From here on is a lot of work. If your bags are nearly full you'll want to get rid of the vendor crap now, just don't vendor those Ivory Tusks! I'm going to condense the rest of this up a bit as it's nearly just a counter-clockwise trip through the zone.

So from here you'll get the quest Diplomatic Measures to see Lantresor and get a couple of quests from him. So hit Kil'Sorrow Fortress to do the three quests there. For these I start by flying directly into the main fortress to kill Griselda, and then come out of the fort and turn right (east) along the building, collecting and killing and flag planting.

After Kil'Sorrow, turn in with Lantresor to get the next set and then it's just counter-clockwise through the zone going to Laughing Skull Ruins, and Ring of Blood if you're able to do it. I start Laughing Skull Ruins by landing at the bonfire and starting the smoke signal. After this it's a quick 2 quests at Warmaul Hill. Corki is in the south cave, and then the best way to get his key is to fly over the north cave entrance to the back entrance. Once Corki is free and you have the supplies it's time to clear Sunspring Post. There's an escort quest here that is only seen once you kill the mobs bothering the NPC found in this building:

Doing the escort first is a good way to get a bunch of the other kills out of the way before finishing the rest. Next you can head west and do the Forge Camp quests. There's only a couple here before it sends you to Shattrath and that's where I stop.

From there I head down to the Consortium ? on the map. There's several quests for Oshu'gun here as well as the one that wants 3 Pairs of Ivory Tusks collected earlier. Do the ones for Oshu'gun as well as the last earth elemental quest on the south edge of the zone and congratulations! Your map will look something like this:
Except for 1 more quest for a total of 18 turn ins (because I forgot about Howling Wind this time). Reap the crazy quest turn in XP, have whatever bonus on that you can at the time for it. I started this quest journey at about 64 1/3 (from doing the Orebore quests at 64) and ended at 67 with my last turn in with full heirlooms and the monk XP buff for the first 30 minutes, and then the final round of turn ins.

There are still quests left in the zone like Nesingwary, the running to Shattrath and back for Forge Camp, turning in Crystal Samples at Halaa (I couldn't do that this time) and probably some more I'm missing. Anyway, hope this helps the experience through the zone, as I've found the natural progression is to just run back and forth across the entire zone every quest or two.

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