Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beta Time

I know it's been a bit of time again since an update. There were changes with the latest beta build that I intended to try out, but I was one of the many people stricken by error 132 so often I just go frustrated and gave up. I'm updating from the launcher right now though so I can get in there and figure some more stuff out.

Here are the most recent changes from mmo-champion:
Build 15640

  • Blackout Kick now costs 2 Chi, up from 1 Chi. Base damage increased by 20%.
  • Crackling Jade Lightning now costs 1.5% of Base Mana, down from 3%. When dealing damage, you have a 15% chance to generate 1 Chi.
  • Detox now removes Disease effects instead of Bleed effects.
  • Expel Harm now costs 2.5% of Base Mana, down from 6%. Now Generates 1 Chi.
  • Fortifying Brew now Increases your health by 100%, and reduces damage taken by 20%. Lasts 20 sec.
  • Grapple Weapon now grabs non-ranged weapons. If you steal a better main-hand weapon, your damage or healing will be increased by 5% or damage taken reduced by 5%.
  • Healing Sphere now costs 2% of Base Mana, up from 1.5% of Base Mana. Now is instant cast, down from 1.5 sec cast. Now has a 0.5 sec cooldown.
  • Spinning Crane Kick now costs 2 Chi, down from 1 Chi. During Spinning Crane Kick, you can continue to dodge and parry.
  • Tiger Palm now deals 50% additional damage if the target is above 50% health.
  • Transcendence now has a 45 sec cooldown, down from 3 minutes.

  • Charging Ox Wave now affects all nerby enemies within 5 yards, down from 40 yards.
  • Chi Torpedo - Chi Torpedo replaces Roll.
  • Dampen Harm has been moved to LVL 75, up from LVL 60. Now has a 1.5 min cooldown, up from 30 sec.
  • Healing Elixirs has been moved to LVL 75, up from LVL 60.
  • Karma *New* - Reduces all spell damage taken by 90% and clears all magical effects on you, reversing them back to their original caster if within 40 yards. Lasts for 6 sec. 1 Chi. Instant. 1.5 min cooldown
  • Leg Sweep now lasts 5 sec, down from 6 sec.
  • Zen Sphre Summons a Zen Sphere at the target location. Deals x damage to the 3 lowest health enemies within 20 yards of the sphere every 1 sec. If enemies die from the Zen Sphere, they combust dealing y damage enemies within 8 yards. Use Zen Sphere again while active to detonate it, instantly dealing y damage to all enemies within 20 yards. 1 Chi. 40 Yards Range. Instant.
  • Rushing Jade Wind has been reworked and now has a 30 sec cooldown, down from 45 sec. You summon a whirling tornado that travels 0 yards in front of you, dealing 5,454 Nature damage to all targets in its path and increasing damage taken by your Spinning Crane Kick by 30%. For 8 sec sec after you cast Rushing Jade Wind, you move at 200% speed while using Spinning Crane Kick and reduces Spinning Crane Kick's Chi cost by 1 Chi.
  • Tigereye Brew now costs 3 Chi, up from 1 Chi. Now has a 60 sec cooldown, down from 90 sec. Now Increases your damage and healing done by 15%.
  • Tiger's Lust now has a 30 sec cooldown, down from 60 sec.

  • Brew: Mana Tea - For each 4 Chi you consume through use of spells and abilities, you gain a charge of Mana Tea. Use Mana Tea to consume the charges. Mana Tea can stack up to 50 times.
  • Dematerialize now also affects ranged attacks.
  • Life Cocoon is no longer a talent. Now costs 3.5% of base Mana instead of 2 Chi. Now requires Serpent Stance. Reworked - Encases the target in a cocoon of Chi energy, increasing all periodic healing taken by 100% and reducing all damage they take by 30%.
  • Renewing Mists now costs 4.2% of Base Mana, up from 3%. Base healing increased by 50%. Now scales from 31.5% of Spell Power, up from 21.5% of SP.
  • Revival now cleanses Disease effects instead of Bleed.
  • Soothing Mists now costs 1% of Base Mana, down from 2%. Now heals (52,576 + 51.2% of SP), up from (3,119 + 28.8% of SP). Now has a 20% chance to generate 1 Chi, up from 15%.
  • Stance of the Wise Serpent now has an additional effect - In addition, you also gain Eminence causing you to heal the lowest health nearby target within 20 yards equal to 50% of the damage you deal.
  • Summon Jade Serpent Statue now has an instant cast and a 3 minutes cooldown. Now limited to 1 statue, down from 2. Healing increased by 200%, now scales from 110% of Spell Power.
  • Surging Mist base healing has been increased by 26%. Now scales from 180% of spell power, up from 125%. No longer targets the lowest health friendly target.
  • Teachings of the Monastery now reduces the cooldown of Expel Harm by 7 seconds instead of removing it.
  • Thunder Focus Tea now has a 10 sec cooldown, up from 8 sec.
  • Uplift base healing has been increased by 37%. Now scales from 42.5% of Spell Power, up from 25.5% of Spell Power.

  • Avert Harm now reduces damage taken by 50%, up from 20%.
  • Brewmaster Training Blackout Kick portion reworked - After you Blackout Kick, you gain Shuffle causing the 3 attacks taken to become staggered within $115307.
  • Clash - You and the target charge each other, meeting halfway then stunning all targets within 6 yards.
  • Dizzying Haze now costs 20 Energy, up from 10 Energy. Now reduces movement speed by 50%, up from 15%. Misfire chance now stacks up to 3 times.
  • Guard now lasts 30 secs, up from 8 secs.
  • Summon Black Ox Statue is now instant cast, down from 1.5 sec cast.

  • Muscle Memory now also affects Expel Harm.
  • Sparring no longer requires any stance.
  • Spinning Fire Blossom now deals Fire damage instead of Physical damage. Now also roots the target for 2 sec if Fire Blossom travels further than 10 yards.


Build 15650

  • Charging Ox Wave is now a LVL60 talent, up from LVL45.
  • Chi Burst New: You summon a torrent of Chi energy to the target, dealing 1,013 damage, and healing a nearby injured friendly target within 10 yards of the target for 0. While casting Chi Burst, you continue to dodge and parry. 2 Chi 40 yd range 1 sec cast
  • Deadly Reach is now a LVL60 talent, up from LVL45.
  • Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger is now a LVL90 talent and has been reworked. Invokes the White Tiger Celestial, summoning an effigy at the command of the caster. The effigy will assist you, attacking your primary target and also inflict tiger lightning every 6 sec to the 3 lowest health nearby enemies within 10 yards dealing (1,455 + 91.9% of SP) damage over 5 sec. Lasts for 45 sec. 2 Chi. 40 yd range. 3 min cooldown. Instant.
  • Leg Sweep is now a LVL60 talent, up from LVL45.
  • Mystery Talent is now a LVL45 talent, how exciting!
  • Zen Sphere New: Forms a Zen Sphere above the target, healing the target for 1,171 every 2 sec and dealing 1 damage to the nearest enemy within 10 yards every 2 sec for 16 sec. Only one Zen Sphere can be summoned at any one time. If Zen Sphere is cast again while active, the Zen Sphere will detonate, dealing 985 damage and 1,971 healing to all targets within 10 yards. 2 Chi. Instant. 40 yd range.

  • Life Cocoon now costs 4.5% of Base Mana, up from 3.5% of Base Mana. Now absorbs (374% of Spell Power + 39,958) damage and increases all periodic healing taken by 100%.
  • Renewing Mists now ticks every 3 sec and lasts for 20 secs, up from every 2 secs for 15 seconds. Now affects allies within 20 yards, up from 8 yards.
  • Stance of the Wise Serpent now gives you bonus attack power equal to 100% of your spell power.
  • Teachings of the Monastery no longer affects Spinning Crane Kick.
  • Thunder Focus Tea now has a 45 sec cooldown, up from 10 sec.

  • Dual Wield New: You may equip one-handed weapons in your off-hand.
  • Fists of Fury clarification - Damage is spread evenly over all targets.

As you can see, things are changing fast. The talents are moving around or becoming completely new ones every beta patch. The Zen Sphere I like already for leveling as a Windwalker because we seem to take a LOT of damage (I couldn't finish heroic Pit of Saron as a level 86 for example). 

I'm also leveling a young Mistweaver. I did heal one instance of BFD with her. This was before the change to Serpent Stance making damage done cause healing passively (and now well before the 100% increase to attack power from spell power) so all that healing was pretty much Chi Wave and using Soothing Mists if anyone got to about 60% and it was easy. I'll try again soon.

If  this Error #0 I'm experiencing with these Wyrmhorn turtles can leave me alone I'll get a lot more info up about what I've learned on the beta so far.

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