Saturday, July 28, 2012

Changes for the Monk at heart

Sitting on Live waiting for MoP
Another Beta build (yes, another!) dropped in here and gave us a few updates. If you saw it on WoWhead News they list a bunch more that show number changes. I'm disregarding those because it may just be a pull error where it returned a value for a lower level or something strange. Anyway here they are.The changes from 15913:

  • Rushing Jade Wind damage increase buff duration reduced to 8 sec, down from 15 sec. Brewmaster: Causes Shuffle when cast. Mistweaver: Increases the healing done by your Spinning Crane Kick by 50% for 12 sec.


Minor Glyphs
  • Glyph of Blackout Kick (New) Your Blackout Kick always deals 20% additional damage over 4 sec regardless of positioning but you're unable to trigger the healing effect. Minor Glyph.
Not quite sure what that first one is about. It shows up under abilities,  and could just be something for the beta. Of course there's the Rushing Jade Wind change they talked about to make it more appealing for Mistweavers. A straight buff to Brewmasters with the Stagger amount. Finally there we have a glyph for Windwalkers and the new new new way Blackout Kick works so that you can put more focus on the dps portion of it, and lose the healing that happens if you BoKick from the front.

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