Friday, July 27, 2012

Kaivax answers feedback

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Today while I was away at that pit of despair called a job Kaivax took to the forums and gave us a response on both a Windwalker AND a Mistweaver feedback thread.

So I'll start first with the Windwalker thread here. Kaivax responds to feedback saying this:
We agree the rotation feels slightly slower paced in entry level gear than intended.

In an upcoming build we intend to increase the base Energy regeneration to 10/second, up from 8/second (and yes, this will also affect Brewmasters). We may have to follow this with some damage reductions, as monks are already performing at an optimal state in our damage tests. That said, in entry level expansion items, Energy regeneration rates are always going to feel slower than they should, because we have to tune things with future gear in mind.

Regarding “cleaving” damage balance, monks in our tests are competitive on 3+ targets via Spinning Crane Kick rather than Jab in a slightly different rotation.

As always, challenging us with specific numbers when outlining your case is very welcome.
So what comes of this is pretty obvious. They're increasing base regen slightly, so it's not so hard on us before we start picking up haste in gear.  The second is what I feel most important. They like our numbers. Knowing are numbers are good will help a lot in class confidence both by those playing it and others in groups/raids.

The origin thread here is about Mistweaver feedback and a lot of issues are brought up throughout to which Kaivax leaves us this response:

• Xuen is not scaling with AP converted from SP. We’re in the process of fixing this. His damage will increase significantly when completed.

• We agree that Rushing Jade Wind isn’t that much of a competitive choice for Mistweavers in that tier. We’re adding a new effect which will increase the healing done by the Monk’s Spinning Crane Kick (via Teachings of the Monastery) after cast.

• Revival is intended to be the Tranquility/Divine Hymn for Monks. We agree it may not be as competitive as the other healer's timers, so it’s likely we’ll do some tuning there.

• We’re going to be removing the cap of Renewing Mists (from 10 targets), mainly because the cooldown should be the limiter of # of active targets, not an arbitrary cap.

• Regarding Uplift not filling the slot of AOE healing, Spinning Crane Kick’s heal is intended to fill that gap. The healing done by SCK in the live beta build is bugged and not scaling from spellpower. We've got this fixed in a future beta patch.

• Regarding the melee healing monk, we'd appreciate more detail about what exactly is hampering the subspec from being viable.

• We agree that monks have mana issues right now, but in our tests, Mistweavers are still doing quite well. Expect healing number reductions if we do reduce mana costs and/or buff Mana Tea.

Lastly, we welcome any videos + combat log parses of raid tests with Mistweavers (in both ranged healing and melee healing subspecs), if you guys have them.

For Mistweavers it seems they still have more issues left to go over including fixes to Xuen (after he was just adjusted to be useful for Brewmasters), Rushing Jade Wind, Spinning Crane Kick and mana issues. I think it really helps when the devs make a direct relation of Mistweaver spells to those that already exist and it certainly makes it easier to know where it's supposed to fit in.

I think the best part of both posts is the call for combat log parses to share our experiences.

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