Thursday, May 3, 2012

Faster, and Faster, We have to get through!

Yet another beta build went through sometime early this morning/late night. Faster than I thought it would even. There's some talent changes here so check 'em out. *UPDATED*
Straight from MMO-C for build 15662:

  • Gift of the Ox - New - You have a (1 + 120.0% of SP)% chance when you deal melee damage to summon a Healing Sphere nearby an injured ally.
  • Keg Smash now is limited to 4 targets, up from 3.
  • Life Cocoon now increases all periodic healing taken by 50%, down from 100%.

Hmm, though I logged in just now and it didn't patch for me yet. So that's strange... anyway, I wanted to see what happened to my now level 31 mistweaver monk. Since Chi Wave is a talent (She *could* get) but otherwise there's just 1 healing spell all the way until the talent? Also Chi Wave has been a great skill to use to deal damage with. I suppose now the only way to level as a Mistweaver is to wear agi gear and be in Tiger Stance. Kinda terrible, but as we all know, nothing is final in the beta (or lasts more than a couple days at this rate). Let's see though, basically the level 30 and 45 talents swapped tiers, Life Cocoon gets nerfed. Gift of the Ox is interesting for the Brewmaster.

Well, let's see what happens if this one patches through or not.

UPDATE: So logging in finally after work and after the patch went through I'm checking my mistweaver. As of right now unfortunately it does look like we'll have a mere 1 heal until we can pick Chi Wave, Zen Sphere or Chi Burst. So if you take a look at those you get some different options but this will NOT help the healing game at lower levels. Hopefully we see some kind of ae healing ability put in at a lower level. Using Zen Sphere and "bursting" it seems like a good option though once you can pick that talent up at 30. Of course since I used Chi Wave at level 18 on as a leveling tool that means it completely changes the leveling game from 18-30 that I just experienced. So here's the new fully updated, no mystery talents, talent grid.

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