Monday, May 14, 2012

The Windwalker Rotation Implementation Extrapolation

Tiger Palm has just changed majorly on the beta from doing bonus damage above 50% enemy health, to applying a stacking debuff that gives 5%/10%/15% Armor "Penetration" for 15 seconds that is called Tiger Power. This of course changes everything for the previous proposed rotation.

Now, I did talk about this a little bit before and this is what I had come up with (adding Fists of Fury):

  • Touch of Death (mob health < your health)
  • Fists of Fury
  • Rising Sun Kick (both for the damage it does and the +10% damage debuff it gives)
  • Mastery procs: Tiger Palm >50% or Blackout Kick <50%
  • Tiger Palm > 50% || Blackout Kick <50%
  • Mastery Procs: Tiger Palm <50% or Blackout Kick >50%
  • Jab (For Chi)
 Now that Tiger Palm allows you to ignore enemy armor I think it adds in more complexity. Keep in mind I'm still kind of new to this all, so I could be entirely wrong. I'm actually READING posts on EJ to learn more. There's actually nothing about the new Tiger Palm, just a lot about Blackout Kick dot stacking, but I have the following in mind right now:

  • Touch of Death (mob health < your health)
  • Tiger Palm (if buff is going to fall off or < 3 stacks)
  • Tigereye Brew (at 10 stacks, do not waste stacks)
  • Rising Sun Kick (to apply debuff)
  • Fists of Fury
  • Rising Sun Kick (debuff already applied)
  • Mastery procs: Tiger Palm or Blackout Kick <50%
  • Tiger Palm >50% (as it does more dpc than BoK)
  • Blackout Kick <50%
  • Mastery Procs: Blackout Kick >50%
  • Jab (For Chi)
I think? Maybe?  I don't see any particular glaring issues but it IS early in the day. The only thing might be the buff order. What's needed first? The 10% more damage or 15% armor pen? Could be 5% armor pen, then 10% damage, then 10% and 15% armor pen. Is keeping up Tiger Power Maybe blackout kick mastery proc higher just because it doesn't cost chi? DPC is nice but that doesn't provide highest DPS. It needs pared down I think. The mastery makes it worse I think. It's kind of like Ret Pally on live right now where you get a proc but you hit Crusader Strike instead because you need Holy Power. It's just a mess

Touch of Karma's visual effect
In addendum I noted before how it was actually difficult to clear heroic Forge of Souls as an 86 Windwalker. The new spell Touch of Karma should help alleviate some survivability but I don't think it will be quite enough at the moment. It really could just be a scaling issue because even after a couple of mobs questing I can find myself low on HP.

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